Friday, July 25, 2014

25/07/2014: Great white spotted

Passengers and crew aboard a whale watching boat saw a Great White Shark near St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada.
A picture is worth 1000 words - the sight of a large Great White

The Quoddy Link Marine was just outside St. Andrews harbour and heading for the islands in Passamaquoddy Bay to view whales and other marine life for their afternoon sailing earlier this week, reports 

Just five or 10 minutes outside of the harbour, crew member and naturalist Nick Hawkins, who was on the upper deck, saw something thrashing in the water behind the boat.

“We saw the dorsal and tail fin come out of the water and that’s a sure sign it’s a shark,” he said. “We don’t normally turn around for sharks because typically you see them once and then they’re gone.”

Hawkins says the size of the fish, however, made them turn around and they were able to come up behind it as it swam along near the surface. In all, they watched the shark for 15 minutes.

“It was amazing,” he said. “It shakes you up a bit. It’s amazing the things you can see in your own backyard that people don’t really know are there.”
Hawkins assumes the shark was hunting a seal or porpoise when they first saw it as it was thrashing and doubling back and forth.

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