Wednesday, July 23, 2014

23/07/2014: New technical support specialist for aquaculture at Meriden

Kat Konstanti - Meriden's new international
technical support specialist
Meriden Animal Health has recently appointed Kat Konstanti to the role of International Technical Support Specialist. Kat's main focus will be to support the drive and growth of Meriden's products in the Aquaculture industry through her technical knowledge and understanding of the market.

Kat has recently graduated from the University of Stirling, Scotland, with a Masters in Sustainable Aquaculture. During her studies, Kat investigated several aspects of aquatic animal culture and gained a solid understanding of the principles that surround the aquaculture industry.

With a focus in aquatic animal health control, nutrition, food safety and practical feed production, Kat's studies have set her up well for her career with Meriden.

Kat will also be providing additional technical support to the other species areas of the business; however her main focus will be on aqua.

"Meriden has gained a solid base in the aquaculture industry since re-formulating its flagship product to create Orego-Stim Aquatract and developing Phyconomix," says Kat
speaking of her appointment.

"It is my goal to continue the development of these products within the aquaculture industry which is in dire need of effective, natural and sustainable products."

Orego-Stim Aquatract has been formulated to reduce mortality, increase harvest weight per area and provide support against stress during vaccination and grading. The product is available in both liquid and powder form.

Phyconomix is a ready-to-use range of algae-based products that mirrors optimal larval diets encountered in the wild. Available in powder and liquid form, the nutritionally complete products produce healthier, more resistant post larvae for on-growing.

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