Monday, July 13, 2015

13/07/2015: Dr Eckel's Tilman Wilke: the new generation of organic acids in aquaculture
Image: Burt Lum
Recently Tilman Wilke, aquaculture expert and product developer at Dr Eckel, gave a talk on 'Acidifer Concepts in Aquafeed', in which he referred to the use of organic acids in aquaculture feed. In doing so, he introduced the latest generation of acidic additives from Dr Eckel, which combine acid salts and essential oils using a unique microencapsulation technique.

The tried and tested concept CaPlus ME, from the Dr Eckel performance product line, supports animal output and performance and is already well-established internationally. During his talk, Tilman Wilke specifically addressed the safety aspects. The unreactive calcium salts of the acids in CaPlus ME enable a safe and material-friendly application.

In fish farming, adding CaPlus ME to the feed caters for better protein digestion and faster weight gain. This 'next generation acidifier' from Dr Eckel is an essential building block for success, especially for fish producers who want to minimise their use of pharmaceuticals without compromising purchasing efficiency.

Download Tilman Wilke’s presentation HERE.

For more information contact:
Tilman Wilke
Product Development

Tel.: 02636-9749-14

Visit the Dr Eckel site HERE.

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