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29/07/2015: FAMSUN's new Single-Screw Removal Tool Kit

By Jianbo Xie, Meng Zhang, Wei Liu and Liyang Liu

As an essential part of FAMSUN's extruder machinery, the single-screw extruder (for aquafeed, raw materials) is widely used in feed plants. The removal of screws has always been a problem in the operation of extruder machinery. Every manufacturer may have its own removal tool kit, yet few can offer satisfactory solutions.

To develop new efficient removal tool kits, the following three factors should be taken into consideration:

To begin with, during peak production season, the machines have to stay operational as long as possible to cut the costs incurred by downtime. For instance, without an efficient method, removing the screw head can take anywhere between 30 minutes and one or two days with nothing but temporary tools at hand. Considering the time consumed, it is of significant necessity to make improvements in the removal process to meet the production agenda.

Second, to lengthen the service life of the screw head, it is necessary to minimise the damage done to the screw head when it is being taken off. 

Third, a high degree of automation is necessary. So far, some of FAMSUN's raw material extruders have been automatised and these machines are more operation-friendly than they used to be. But simpler, faster removal tools are still needed to improve the competitiveness of FAMSUN's machinery.

1. The removal tool kits FAMSUN currently has
Currently, the removal tool kits available are for raw material extruders. For TPH/PHY200, TPH260/PHY260 series extruders, the removal tool kit in use does not deliver satisfactory results. Because of its structure, the tool can only remove the first section of the screw. Besides, specific screw leads are also required by current removal tools. It also takes a lot of effort and time to manually turn the screw lever, especially when some screws haven't been removed for years. For single screw extruders for aquafeed, however, the aforementioned method does not work.

2. The latest removal tool kit for single screws  
Compared with earlier versions, the up-to-date removal tool kit can remove single screws of all types (TPH200/260; PHY200/260; SJPS135/165/215/265), not just the first section of certain types of screws. The time needed to remove one section is less than 20 minutes.

Its structure and operating principles are as follows: 

(1) Performance:  

  • Time spent in removing one section of screw: ≤20min  
  • Maximum thrust: 30TX2  
  • Ability to remove each section of the screw: yes 
  • Number of operators: two
(2) Structure: 
  • Double jack: to balance the force 
  • Hand pump: easy to handle 
  • Anti-deviation design: to ensure precision 
  • Extension rod: to make it easier to drive the whole screw out 
  • Mounting plate: waist-shaped holes in the plate make it easier to readjust the hold hoops in different positions
  • Spindle position-limit mechanism: prevents the spindle from shifting position when it is being knocked out by the ejection mechanism (Patent No. 201320370871.3)
(3) Screw ejection mechanism 
  • The pair of jacks can be operated with the hand pump, their stroke synchronised by hand with less effort 
  • The mounting plate facilitates the fixation of the pair of jacks 
  • The waist-shaped holes make it easier to adjust the phase of the hold hoops in different positions 
  • The split locking sleeves are easier to install
  • The anti-deviation design prevents the unsynchronised jack from getting stuck with the main spindle
  • There are 20 extension rods included, to help remove the last screws
(4) Position-limiting mechanism
The position-limiting mechanism is used to prevent the spindle from being damaged by friction caused by the spindle in the block and the main spindle (the current structure of the extruder only has a limit screw to bear backward thrust; without a limit screw to counter forward force, the spindle can only take a little forward-pulling force). 

  • The front bezel is composed of two half-type panels fixed in the inner wall of the spindle 
  • The backplate is composed of two quartered pieces fixed in the inner ring of the rear spindle 
  • The front bezel and the backplate are connected by a stopper bolt  
  • There are two M30 lock screws; each of them can bear an axial force of more than 30T
Note: The position-limit device should be locked tight before this removal took kit is used.

Visit the FAMSUN site HERE.

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