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21/07/2015: Aqua Nor and Nor-Fishing: leading technology exhibitions

Photo by Nor-Fishing Foundation/Snølys
Nor-Fishing and Aqua Nor have been an important international venue for the fisheries and aquaculture industry through a period of over 50 years. This is where you are introduced to all the novelties, products, services, research and development projects of relevance to the industry. The two exhibitions are held in alternating years in Trondheim, Norway. In 2015 it is Aqua Nor’s turn, and this year the show is expected to be the greatest ever.

The fisheries industry has seen an incredible technological development over the past fifty years, and the new vessel technology, fishing technology, processing technology and services in the fisheries industry have been presented at Nor-Fishing.
Photo by Nor-Fishing Foundation/Snølys
The aquaculture industry has over the past 40 years been the arena for even greater development. Since Norway started modern salmon farming in the late 1960s and early 1970s, aquaculture has indeed become a science-based activity. The Aqua Nor exhibition is where all the fields of technology, processes and services related to the farming of salmon as well as other species, shellfish etc. are on display, and experts from all over the world get together to exchange experiences and learn about innovations.

During the exhibition, numerous seminars, mini-conferences and presentations are held on various subjects. In 2015, about 35 such events are planned. These give the visitors an excellent opportunity to get updated on the latest developments. 
Photo by Nor-Fishing Foundation/Snølys
In recent years, more than 400 exhibitors representing some 600 manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world present current developments in the fields of fisheries and aquaculture technology, fish feed, fish health, quality assurance, training, funding, fish farmer networks, grading, equipment, storage, processing, packaging, environmental protection and distribution. The organiser, The Nor-Fishing Foundation, expects about 18,000 – 20,000 visitors from more than 60 countries at this year’s Aqua Nor.

Exhibitors emphasise the unique opportunities that Aqua Nor and Nor-Fishing provide for interaction with decision-makers and buyers representing the international fisheries and aquaculture industry. Visitors find that Aqua Nor offers the best overview of products and services provided by the principal suppliers of the trade. Many also point out that there is a particularly close contact and great atmosphere at the exhibition, benefitting buyers, suppliers and colleagues from many countries.
Photo by Nor-Fishing Foundation/Snølys
Trondheim Spektrum with its exhibition halls and the outdoor area at the Nidarø section of Trondheim is the main exhibition area. Exhibitors can choose from 8 exhibition halls as well as outdoor areas.

Trondheim has an attractive waterfront with harbour facilities. Skansen, which is only five minutes’ walk from the exhibition halls, offers the possibility of exhibiting full scale floating equipment and vessels in their right element.
Over the past 100 years, almost all the international fisheries exhibitions in Norway have been held in Trondheim. Three generations of kings – HM King Haakon VII, HM King Olav V, and HM King Harald V –  as well as HM Queen Sonja and Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon Magnus, have all performed the official opening ceremony at Aqua Nor and  Nor-Fishing in Trondheim.

Visit the Aqua Nor website HERE.

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