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15/07/2015: MSC Fisheries update: July 2015
Close-up of a scallop (Image: NOAA's National Ocean Service)
More than ten fisheries have been certified in recent months, including a number of firsts.

Chinese fisheries’ sustainability recognised
April saw the Zoneco (Zhangzidao) scallop fishery become China’s first to be MSC certified.

This was quickly followed by the June certification of the Chinese-operated Cook Islands South Pacific albacore fishery, which will bring around 2300 tonnes of certified tuna to the market.

First European anchovy fishery certified

Also in April, the Cantabrian Sea purse seine anchovy fishery which operates in the Bay of Biscay became the first of its kind to achieve certification.

Key sustainable whitefish stocks enter market

Careful management and the recovery of stocks mean great news for the Cornish Hake gill net fishery, which recently became the first UK fishery certified for the popular species.

Catches from the Greenland Barents Sea cod, haddock and saithe fishery, which manages the world’s largest cod stock, are now eligible to carry the MSC ecolabel. A total of 12,000 tonnes of whitefish is now certified sustainable, much of it bound for the UK market.
Image: Rex Sorgatz
Nearly all lobster from Atlantic Canada now certified sustainable

The certification in May of the Bay of Fundy, Scotian Shelf and Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence lobster Trap helps Canada become one of the world leaders of sustainable fishing.

Western Australia rock lobster celebrates 15 years

The world’s first ever MSC certified fishery celebrates 15 years in the program as its operation continues to thrive.

Other fisheries certified this quarter:

Fishery entering assessment:
Bratsk Reservoir perch

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