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15/07/2015: Four champions of fish health have great expectations of Aqua Nor

Benchmark Holdings PLC is more than a holding company. Together with Fish Vet Group, Salmobreed and Stofnfiskur, the company represents a major effort in fish health and sustainable food production. They will all be present at Aqua Nor 2015 to spread the word about what they do individually and together as a group.

Dr Matt Haslam is head of marketing for Benchmark’s fisheries involvement. He explains why the whole Benchmark family goes to Aqua Nor.

“All visitors to Aqua Nor are either important customers or potential customers for us. We know that the cost of participating in Aqua Nor will be recovered quickly. It is at Aqua Nor that the industry gets together.”

Benchmark Holdings PLC
Benchmark Holdings, which has a share value on the stock market in billions, owns Fish Vet Group and the recently merged roe producers Salmobreed and Stofnfiskur. 80 percent of Benchmark’s activities are aquaculture related.
Image: Andrew E. Russell
Benchmark Holdings PLC will have their own stand (F-527), while Fish Vet Group (B-100) and Salmobreed/Stofnfiskur (D-349) also will have separate stands.

“The Benchmark stand will be used to inform about what we are involved with as a group. Our objective, which is reflected in our name, is to supply the best possible solutions for a sustainable food production.”

Stofnfiskur and Salmobreed are well known in the aquaculture industry. The two roe suppliers have merged since the last Aqua Nor exhibition.

“At their stand there will be a lot of exciting things happening. One of the main messages is that we can supply the salmon industry with roe 52 weeks of the year – and we need to point out the advantages of this,” says Haslam.

Fish Vet Group
Fish Vet Group is the world’s largest supplier of services for improved fish health in the aquaculture industry. The company has actively recruited the best veterinarians in the industry – and at Aqua Nor they will display the expertise they have developed through the years.

“Fish Vet Group is a relatively new company – and our aim is that people who visit their stand shall gain knowledge about our laboratories and know that Fish Vet Group offers the best diagnostics in the industry.” 

In addition to its services, Fish Vet Group also offers products, including the market leader for fighting sea lice, Salmosan Vet.

Sales, cooperation and discussions
Dr Haslam promises that the four companies have great plans for the exhibition.

“We will have three days of seminars, demonstrations, lectures, discussions and meetings. We are looking forward to meeting fish farmers, fish health workers, managers and other companies. Cooperation with other companies in the same sector as us is also of interest – so we are looking forward with great anticipation to what opportunities these days at the exhibition will bring us,” concludes Dr Haslam.

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