Friday, September 4, 2015

04/09/2015: A tweet or two about poultry by-products.....
Image: Kabsik Park
Suppose you are a fish-farmer (If you're reading this blog, you may well be). Fishmeal is getting expensive and supplies can't keep up with demand. What to do? 

Source your protein elsewhere. From by-products of the poultry industry, for example. Not only is such protein cheaper, it is also less likely to carry diseases transferable to your fish, given that it doesn't originate from other sea creatures.

Poultry feathers are readily available - hundreds of millions of birds are slaughtered each year in Germany alone - and very high in crude protein. However, this protein is very difficult to digest in its raw state. It needs processing.

This is where a company like GePro comes in. The special processes they use - including a specialised drying process - result in a feathermeal product with similar nutritional value to fishmeal.

The Aquaculturists' staff have been visiting GePro today. You can read their tweets HERE.

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