Wednesday, September 30, 2015

30/09/2015: Dutch retailers promote certified seafood for Think Fish Week

The Think Fish campaign in the Netherlands took place all last week. Many events happened across the country to help Dutch consumers understand the importance of sustainably caught or responsibly farmed seafood.

Certified seafood is becoming increasingly popular across the Netherlands. The share of fish that carries the MSC (sustainably caught) or ASC (responsibly farmed) logo bought by households is growing. Researchers GFK found that families with children and pensioners together eat 35 per cent of all sustainably or responsibly produced fish that is sold. Most of their certified purchases come from Albert Heijn, Lidl and Aldi.
Image: Shawn Campbell
The most popular fish species chosen are herring, salmon, pollock, pangasius and tilapia. Herring, with a 25 percent share of consumption, is the most popular sustainably caught fish, with fish fingers accounting for a 17 percent share. Pangasius and tilapia are the most popular responsibly farmed fish bought, with salmon and shrimp catching up rapidly. Sustainable fish is most commonly eaten in South-Holland, North-Brabant and North-Holland. In Flevoland, proportionately, the lowest amount of sustainable fish is eaten. Supermarkets in the Netherlands aim to only sell certified fish from 2016 onward.

Think Fish Week
Think Fish Week was set up by the World Wildlife Fund, Marine Stewardship Council and Aquaculture Stewardship Council. Supermarket chains, fishmongers, caterers, fish suppliers and well-known fish product brands joined these three organisations to support the initiative.  

The campaign aims to help consumers understand the importance of eating sustainably caught or responsibly farmed fish to help maintain healthy fish stocks, protect vulnerable coastal areas and ensure there is a responsible supply of fish for future generations.

During Think Fish Week consumers can easily discover the wide range of MSC and ASC certified seafood, where they can buy it and how to prepare delicious meals with it.

Visit the ASC site HERE.

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