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11/09/2015: Seagriculture 2015: A preview of the presentation of Maria Hayes, Teagasc Food Research Centre

Seagriculture 2015 will take place on 22-23 September in Normandy, France. Maria Hayes of the Teagasc Food Research Centre will be presenting on 'Seaweeds as a source of functional food ingredients with enhanced health benefits beyond human nutrition'. Here's a preview:

"It has long been established that nutrients can affect health. For example, nutrients can act on receptors in the peripheral nervous system or through direct inhibition of enzymes important in the regulation of heart and mental health and other age related diseases including diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

"These enzymes include but are not limited to Angiotensin Converting Enzyme-I, renin, PAF-AH, Acetyl cholinesterase (AChE), β-site APP cleaving enzyme (BACE1), Prolylendopeptidase (PEP) and Dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-IV). Bioactive peptides or cryptides are generated from food proteins by hydrolysis with proteolytic enzymes, fermentation with generally recognised as safe (GRAS) bacteria and through food processing.

"The presentation collates information concerning bioactive peptides and other seaweed derived ingredients and their potential health effects in relation to their ability to inhibit enzymes important in the prevention of diseases associated with heart health, circulation and mental health disorders such as AD.

"It details potential peptide 'hits' against enzyme targets currently examined and describes known, food-derived peptides that hold potential for future development as drugs and/or functional foods. In addition, it details glycine betaine and DMSP as well as peptides and phlorotannins from seaweeds and their application as functional foods.  The platforms used to extract bioactive agents from seaweeds are also discussed along with limitations concerning their application and health claims."
Economic debate
The seaweed conference is divided into 6 interesting sessions mainly focused on product potential. The conference program ends with a debate.

The 6 sessions are:
- Seaweed harvest and aquaculture
- Market, quality and standardisation
- Seaweeds for humans
- Seaweeds for animals
- Seaweeds for plants
- Green Chemistry

A networking dinner is organised for the first evening for all attendees in Cité de La Mer. On the second day, an excursion to the salmon farm and a guided tour of Cité de la Mer is part of the program. 

Read more HERE.

Sign up for the conference HERE.

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