Thursday, January 7, 2016

07/01/2016: Post-exercise fog muddies a see-through shrimp's cloak of invisibility
For many of us, daily exercise poses little more risk to our overall safety than few minutes of flush or rapid heartbeat. But for the see-through Ancylomenes pedersoni, or Pederson's cleaner shrimp, their physiological response to exercise could be deadly, says.
Under normal conditions, the body of a Pederson's cleaner shrimp is so clear that you can read through it. This clarity makes it easy for them to blend into the complex background of a coral reef to avoid being eaten.

However, new research by PhD student Laura Bagge of Duke University is showing that exercise can instantly change their complexion from clear to opaque. As few as three simple tail flips, used to evade capture, can ruin their transparent camouflage for hours and make them vulnerable to attack from predators.

But how does exercise disrupt the shrimp's camouflage, erasing its transparency?

Find out HERE.

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