Monday, January 11, 2016

11/01/2016: GOAL Shrimp Production Survey: Recovery coming
Image: Phu Thunh Co
The Global Aquaculture Alliance’s GOAL 2015 survey of production trends in shrimp farming polled 38 respondents from Asia/Oceania, 31 from Latin America and two from Africa, The Global Aquaculture Advocate reports.

Respondents in the 2014 survey reported substantial production declines during 2012-2013 in China, Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico as a consequence of the Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) disease that originated in China in 2009. Surging shrimp prices in international markets during 2013 were consistent with industry expectations of declining production. Nevertheless, the most recent FAO data show China’s production increasing 9 percent in 2012 and remaining stable in 2013.

In the case of Mexico, FAO reported a 20 percent increase in 2013 even though production had contracted by half, according to industry reports. FAO data for Vietnam and Indonesia also seem to underestimate the impact of the global disease. Given these discrepancies, data for China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico for 2012-2013 were obtained from the 2014 GOAL survey; data from 2007 through 2011 correspond to FAO while estimates for 2014-2017 were obtained from the 2015 GOAL survey. Discrepancies between FAO data and industry reports may narrow in the future as national governments and FAO revise their production statistics.

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