Wednesday, January 27, 2016

27/01/2016: A fish of many names published in International Aquafeed, November-December 2015

Colossoma macropomum may not exactly roll off the tongue, but it certainly eradicates the confusion caused by the variety of alternative colloquial names this fish goes under: tambaqui, cachama, gamitana and even pacu - a term usually employed for other species.

Every dentist should own a tambaqui. Shaped somewhat like a piranha, this South American species has a set of teeth more like those of a human. It is an omnivore, feeding preferentially on planktonic microcrustaceans and fruit fallen from the branches of the flooded forests where the fish also spawns. Algae, larvae, adult insects and some plant material are also consumed.

In some countries, for example Panama, tambaqui are raised in polyculture with tilapia. Densities vary from one fish per 10m2 when employing organic fertilisers to one fish per 5 m2 when supplementary feeds or agricultural by-products are used.

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