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05/12/2016: The role of aqua industry towards healthier eating

by Dr Ioannis Zabetakis, Lecturer on Food Lipids, University of Limerick, Ireland

In my previous column, I made some references to our diet and our food choices and how these choices affect people’s awareness about food and diet.
Dr Ioannis Zabetakis

Let’s continue on this theme and have a look on some straightforward ways how aquaculture industry could contribute to healthier eating patterns. To start with, let’s think from our customers’ point of view.

A mother or a father struggling to persuade their kids to eat fish; how can we help them?

The answer should be straightforward! Providing them easy access to healthy recipes and secrets to heathier family eating could ease their problem.

A dedicated section of our company’s website should focus to these issues. Does it though?

A company’s website should be a great tool for fish producing companies to demonstrate their willingness to help people to improve their diets.

The following are just a few of the secrets to healthier family eating that could be communicated via the Internet:

1. The family who eats together is healthier
According to the latest guidelines of the Mediterranean diet pyramid, children who eat with their families consume fewer high calorie drinks and more fruit and vegetables.

They also learn a lot from watching other children and older children. Adults, also, benefit from family meals; they eat less and better. The social aspects of sharing meals are huge. So, why do people eat on their own or in isolation in front of a monitor without talking to each other?

2. Fish is tasty and easy to cook
How many fish producing companies around the globe provide simple fish recipes on their website, and just how up to date are these recipes?

Providing information about the nutritional value of fish and suggesting easy ways how to cook it are important ways of promoting healthy eating habits and… promoting our products.

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