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22/12/2016: New aquaculture conference and exhibition, AquaFarm, Italy

Exciting news on fish feed at AquaFarm, in Pordenone, Italy, 26-27 January 2017.
 Both the dedicated session on January 26th and the algae-oriented fish feed panel on January 27th will include a series of speeches on potential groundbreaking evolutions.

Prof. Marco Saroglia (University of Insubria at Varese) will discuss first results of research from his multi-university/industry team on new approaches to fish feeding (Project 4F, Fine Feed For Fish).

The use of insect meal (covered by Prof. Laura Gasco from the University of Turin) and adapting the digestion physiology of fishes to new sustainable feeds are the two-main topics.

University of Bologna will give a talk on mixed fish-based and non-fish based feeds for bream and bass.

The most important feed makers will be present at AquaFarm as Skretting, Naturalleva, Veronesi and Aller Aqua.

Naturalleva and Aller Aqua will also illustrate their next-generation offerings in the fish feed session on 26th.

Skretting will give a panorama of its various experimentation activities, including those on algae-based feeds.

Algae in fish feed will be covered also in the algaculture conference thread on the second day of AquaFarm, January 27th.

Image: Norsk Havbrukssenter
Skretting will be represented by Prof. Evy Vikene, Marketing Manager of the Salmon & Fish Feed Southern Europe BU that will illustrate more details on the new aquaculture feeds containing the ground breaking algal oil with unprecedented levels of the two-essential long chain Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

AquaFarm is the new conference and exhibition on aquaculture, algaculture and vertical farming technologies targeted to Mediterranean and European markets.

The two-day conference will host 80 speakers in 15 sessions and more than 30 exhibitors. The aquaculture related sessions will have simultaneous translation services from/into English and Italian.

Some other sessions will be entirely held in English. 

To register for the conference and exhibition, click HERE.

For more information and updates, click HERE.

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