Friday, December 23, 2016

23/12/2016: Yanmar’s remote net cleaner triumphs

It is a well-known fact that fish farming nets need to be cleaned periodically to maintain water quality and protect the fish against disease and here at Aquafeed International we are always seeking to champion success stories within the industry.

One such story comes from net cleaning company Yatek. In collaboration with the Norwegian distributor Østerbø, net cleaning supplier Yanmar has been lauded by its customer Yatek.

Newly established Norwegian company Yatek, which specializes in cleaning the nets used for fish farming in the majestic surroundings of the Sognefjord, invested in their first Yanmar Net Cleaner in 2015.

By the summer of 2016, it had worked approximately 500 hours. With Yanmar’s submergible cleaner for fish farming nets, only one person is needed to clean the net and they don’t even have to get into the water.

Yatek’s General manager, Øyvind Høie, who has many years’ experience working in the fish farming industry, knew exactly what he wanted his net cleaner to achieve.
TheYanmar Net Cleaner NXL-LX with hose drum

He comments, ‘’Reliability was very important for us. This product needs little maintenance and the distributor in Norway -Østerbø Maskin AS- responds quickly in case service is required.”

He continued to say “The Yanmar Net Cleaner’s best quality is that it withstands currents well so we can fulfill our job even in bad conditions. It also cleans very gently and doesn’t remove the impregnation on the nets. This keeps our customers happy.”

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