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22/12/2016: Hendrix Genetics and Mobarakandish sign agreement to produce Troutlodge eggs in Iran

Hendrix Genetics, a global multi-species breeding company and Mobarakandish Advanced Technologies of Iran, a leading animal breeding company in Iran have signed an agreement to produce and sell Troutlodge trout eggs in Iran, the world’s leading brand in trout genetics. 

This move will create a new, steady source of superior trout eggs for Iran’s growing trout industry.

Aquaculture Collaboration to Support the Iranian Trout Industry
Hendrix Genetics, through its 100 percent subsidiary Troutlodge Inc, the world leader in trout genetics and production of trout eggs and Mobarakandish, a leading animal breeding company in Iran, owned by Dr. Ardeshir Nejati and Mr Davood Saneei, have concluded an agreement to both produce and distribute Troutlodge trout eggs in Iran.

Hendrix Genetics and Mobarakandish sign agreement
The collaboration will result in a supply of high quality Troutlodge trout eggs and more healthy trout meals in Iran.

Together, the partners aim to capture a substantial market share of trout eggs in Iran within 3-6 years.

The agreement includes:

• A joint venture under which Mobarakandish will construct and operate trout egg broodstock centres in Iran where trout egg production can be carried out in large scale in local environments.

• Support of Hendrix Genetics with over 70 years of Troutlodge expertise of breeding and genetics.

• The continuation of Troutlodge to export trout eggs from its US and UK breeding operations to Iran but under the direction, guidance and support of Dr. Ardeshir Nejati of Mobarakandish Advanced Technologies and in close liaison with the initiator of this project, John Dentler, Sales and Marketing Director of Troutlodge.

Steve Brown, CEO of Troutlodge Inc, said: “The collaboration with Dr. Nejati and the Mobarakandish Advanced Technologies creates the possibility to support the growing Iranian trout industry with Troutlodge’s best quality trout eggs.”

Dr Nejati said: ”This partnership enables us to produce Troutlodge trout eggs in Iran and will give the Iranian industry a welcome lift. Along with imports from the Troutlodge facilities in the US and Europe, it will provide the Iranian industry with a reliable supply of healthy, disease free eggs.”

Neil Manchester, Managing Director of Hendrix Genetics’ Aquaculture Business Unit added: “This agreement will make a significant and positive impact in trout aquaculture in Iran, and further support the development of Hendrix Genetics as the global leader in aquaculture breeding.”

Iran is one of the world’s leading producers and consumers of rainbow trout, producing up to 120,000 MT of rainbow trout annually.

Iran’s significant freshwater resources, inland lakes, rivers and brackish waters of the Caspian Sea, along with an industrious and well educated population, provide the needed ingredients to grow rainbow trout to market sizes.

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