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07/12/2016: Big changes for International Aquafeed magazine in 2017

By Roger Gilbert, CEO & Publisher, International Aquafeed Magazine

For our regular readers, who have followed us over many years and value the content that we gather from experts and others throughout the aqua industry on a bi-monthly basis, you might like to celebrate with us when we announce that we will be going to 12 editions in 2017.

Every month in 2017 we will publish – and print – our magazine.
We will not change our subscription prices but will deliver you a more frequent read and keep you more fully informed of developments not only in aquatic nutrition but also in fish farming technology.

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food protein providers on the planet and while it faces many challenges, particularly around its environmental positioning, its use of fishmeal and likely replacement protein sources in feeds, and its disease control – several of these issues we report on via the World Nutrition Conference held in Vancouver, Canada in mid-October 2016 and which hosted nine aqua-presentations alongside terrestrial livestock sessions.

It cannot be denied that our industry will change out of all recognition over the next five to 10 years.

That’s why we feel it is timely to take up our own challenge of moving to a monthly format so that we can help industry development by providing a more frequent source of top-quality information and views from leaders experts in the industry along with a sound news service.

Our media plans for 2017 are extensive and we will be seeking contributors from around the world to help us achieve our objective in covering the topics we have identified as critical to the success of modern, intensive fish farming.

It is through the use of advanced nutritional products, adoption of feed technology, a greater understanding of the species being farmed and the latest fish farming technology that makes the most out of valuable feeds in terms of feed conversions, maintaining water quality and producing fish that is profitable and in demand by consumers.

We also aim to bring the needs of the industry, no matter where we are producing fish feeds or farmed fish, to the attention of governments and planners so that we can get the best deal for our industry.

We will also engage with aquaculture detractors to ensure that they have the facts about aquaculture to make it more difficult for them to campaign against our industry.

We are the original aquafeed magazine and there is a clear job of work to be done as the leading magazine in the aquaculture sector.

International Aquafeed is determined to take up and meet this challenge.

Access the archive and future online issues of International Aquafeed free of charge HERE.

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