Friday, November 12, 2010

Perendale Publisher attends Biomin's World Nutrition Forum 2010

Biomin's 4th World Nutrition Forum was held in the historic city of Salzburg, Austria from October 13-16, 2010. It was an invitation-only event. Mrs Nicky Barnes attended the event representing Perendale Publishers Limited and met with key people in the industry. She took the opportunity to meet one of the members of International Aquafeed Magazine's Editorial Advisory Panel, Dominique Bureau from the University of Guelph in Canada who had been invited to speak at this event.

"It was a good place to listen to some of the most up-to-date papers on agriculture and consider some of the key issues facing animal and aqua food production sectors. It was an ideal opportunity for our magazines to invite key industry leaders to contribute to future editions of the magazine."

The organisers invited some 700 participants representing more than 70 countries, there were more than 40 speakers on the two-day program, including industry experts, top decision makers and key scientist.

Talking about the future of the industry and not just products, the atmosphere at the event was positive where new ideas and innovations were discussed and a common view formed about the future direction of our industry, says Mrs Barnes.

"All in all it was a successful event and the next one planned will be in Singapore in 2012."

Also attending the event from Perendale Publishers was their subscription and distribution manager, Mrs Tuti Tan.

Mrs Tan considered this bi-annual event to be an important direction setting meeting for the industry. She too took the opportunity to meet with Biomin scientists, technical and marketing staff and establish a number of connections with Biomin representatives from around the world.

"This was a valuable opportunity for me to ensure that our magazines are reaching the right people and to receive feedback on how we might improve our digital and print circulation," she says.

It also allowed her the chance to get to understand the company and its strategies, along with listening to presentations from leading invited speakers.

Mrs Tan says getting the messages from the speakers across to industry was not the preserve of just Perendale and she noted that several other publications - including Watt Media Group (Feed Internatijonal magazine) and Reed Elsevier (All About Feed)- were in attendance and valued the opportunity Biomin provided to review key issues in a semi-public forum.
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