Monday, March 7, 2011

Aquaculture program permit in Delaware Bay coming up for five-year renewal.

The permit for an aquaculture program in Delaware Bay is coming up for its five-year renewal and this is the first indication that there are a lot of property owners and commercial crabbers who vehemently object to the location of area one, at East Point.

Russell Corson said he and other commercial crabbers use that area and offered photos of a sea of buoys showing the large number of crab pots located there. Homeowners also protested that any aquaculture project located there would interfere with access to their piers and would be visually offensive.

Corson said those who would be affected were not made aware of the project five years ago or given a chance to comment on it, and because nobody had leased that area and started an aquaculture project there they had not even been aware it had been approved. Read more ...

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