Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Marketing low-value cultured fish In Bangladesh

This study, by N. Ahmed from the Department of Fisheries Management, Bangladesh Agricultural University, describes the existing marketing systems of low-valued cultured fish with its value chain analysis. The aim of this paper is to highlight key issues determine efficient marketing systems of low-valued cultured fish to enhance food supply. It is assumed that sustainable marketing of low-valued cultured fish can provide food and nutrition to the people of Bangladesh.

Harvesting and marketing of fish

Harvesting of low-valued fish starts as soon as fish reach marketable size. The peak fish harvesting season is from August to December. Most farmers harvest fish by themselves although a few large farmers depend on commercial harvesters. Normally, fish are harvested at very early hours in the morning. Most farmers practice partial harvesting of larger fish which allows smaller fish to grow, while a few farmers practice total harvest. Farmers harvest fish by using cast nets and seine nets. Harvested fish are cleaned with tube- well water and kept in aluminum and plastic containers or bamboo baskets until they are sold. Read more ...

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