Thursday, May 31, 2012

Norel: Stability of Gustor BP-70 during extrusion

Norel reveals details of its research into the stability of Gustor BP-70 during extrusion

Gustor BP-70 (70% of protected sodium butyrate) belongs to the third generation of sodium butyrate products available in the market. Knowing the weak points of coated products, our R&D department has been looking for ways to produce a more concentrated, though still protected, natural growth promoter. 

After more than 2 years of research we came with a new and unique production process leading to the development of Gustor BP-70. In this product, fat and sodium butyrate are part of the same matrix. This is different from coating technology. This also ensures a gradual release along the digestive tract while coated products are liberated in the last parts of the gut. Gustor BP-70 has shown it is active at 3 levels: (1) Increases development of villi (growth promoter effect), (2) maintenance of colonic barrier integrity (effective against pathogens such as Salmonella), and (3) immune-modulating properties. 

In a recent stability trial, Gustor BP-70 was added into shrimp feed at the dose of 1 kg per MT before extrusion (temperature 110ºC.) The content of butyric acid was determined by HPLC. Results indicate a recovery of 98.2%, demonstrating the excellent stability of butyric acid contained in Gustor BP-70 during the feed pelleting process.

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