Monday, February 2, 2015

02/02/2015: Latest news from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

The seafood community is always looking for ways to deliver sustainable products to a hungry world and 2015 offers no fewer challenges than previous years. A single bluefin tuna was sold for US$37,000 in Tokyo on the first of the year.  It makes you wonder how positive change can be made.

We are still a long way from achieving effective management across western Pacific tuna fisheries, many whitefish fisheries in the northwest Atlantic require improvement, shrimp fisheries continue to struggle with bycatch issues, and forage fisheries have a tendency to supply nasty surprises (witness the sudden decline in Peruvian anchovy). 

The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership 
(SFP) continues to expand its work in supporting the seafood industry in securing sustainable supplies and the year ahead promises some exciting new developments. We have recruited additional senior staff to further boost our technical support for seafood companies and will continue to invest in developing our information systems.  

Our work on improving wild fisheries will continue at the same hectic pace, but we are very committed to fish farming as well. For instance, we have just announced a major initiative with the Walmart Foundation to deliver aquaculture improvement projects in Indonesia, China, and Thailand.

We continue to provide new resources on our website including reports, presentations, videos, and short industry briefings. We hope you find them useful in your work and welcome your comments.  

Here are just some of the latest materials released by SFP:

Tuna Report: Sustainability of Main Commercial Tuna Stocks

 Whitefish Report: Whitefish Sustainability Overview

Upcoming Seafood Summit Presentation (Feb 10): Assessing FIPs and Their Impact on Sustainable Seafood 

New Video: Zonal Management Lessons from Scottish Salmon

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Jim Cannon

CEO, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

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