Tuesday, February 24, 2015

24/02/2015: Afghanistan's first fish and chips shop opens in Kabul

An Afghan-Canadian entrepreneur has opened up a traditional British-style chippy in Kabul, The Telegraph reports.

With such a traditional name, you’d expect to find Mr Cod tucked away somewhere in a British town.

This fish and chips shop, however, is the first to ever open in Afghanistan.
The official launch of Mr Cod

Mr Cod has been opened by Afghan-Canadian entrepreneur Bashir Halimi in Kabul, and is already proving popular with locals, as well as with British expats craving a taste of home.

A British visitor wrote on the shop's Facebook page that the fish was "delicious" and "the batter was just like what we have at home, light and crispy".

Mr Halimi told the BBC he was attempting to attract an upmarket audience, with a view to eventually creating a country-wide chain.

“I believe our consumers are sophisticated enough to be open to new food ideas,” he said. 

“I believe there is Chinese food here, Pakistani, Indian: we have traditional food going parallel with non-traditional and Western food.”

The average medium meal at the fish and chips shop costs around 240 Afghanis, or UK£2.73.

Foreign food has become increasingly popular in Afghanistan in the aftermath of the US invasion in 2001, with everything from burgers to pizzas being sold on the streets.

One Afghan, Abdullah Karim, has even set up a hot dog truck. As pork is not halal, however, his sausages are made from beef.

He told Stars and Stripes, the official newspaper of the US Armed Forces, that the hot dogs were extremely popular, though it had taken some time for locals to get used to the name, as dogs are considered unclean in Muslim culture.

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