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12/02/2015: Alltech REBELation Week, May 17-20 2015

Dive into opportunities for the protein of the future at Alltech REBELation Week

Now selling pound for pound more than beef and with entrepreneurs casting a wider net into the inland fishing trade, the global aqua industry may soon be larger than the worldwide poultry market and, in Norway, could generate more revenue than oil by 2050.  But will there be enough water? Can we find a substitute for a depleting valuable fish oil industry? How can fish farmers tap into the multibillion potential of seaweed? These questions and more will be explored during Aqua: Protein of the Future at the Alltech REBELation Week, May 17-20.

“While there is a sea of opportunities for the aqua industry to grow, we must also stay ahead of challenges such as wild stock overfishing, fish oil shortages and dead zones in the world’s oceans and lakes,” said Becky Timmons, global technical director of Alltech Algae and chairperson of the aqua symposium, part of REBELation Week.

“In addition to this, we must also embrace new business enterprises in marketing and branding this functional food to a growing, health-conscious consumer market.”

A comprehensive colloquium, Aqua: Protein of the Future will present attendees with the opportunity to discuss topics ranging from algae and fish health to nutrition and crisis management. Aqua symposium topics will include:

  • Replacing Fish Oil: One company’s bold plan to find a substitute for the ‘Holy Grail’ of the industry.
  • The Ocean- The Garbage Pail of the World: What can we do about dead spots in the ocean, some of which are larger than Western Europe?
  • The Mediterranean Diet: Why does this diet lead to better health and general quality of life? What part does seafood play? How can we replicate this model in other areas?
  • Fish- The Ultimate Functional Food: Can we eat our way to better heart health?
  • Bigger than Beef: Now selling more than beef, fish are produced more efficiently than any other animal. Is it sustainable?
  • Seaweed: China’s Fujian coast produces 12 million tonnes of food each year from aquatic seaweed fields. What are the implications?
  • Is there Enough Water? How does the US state of Idaho support potatoes, dairy and trout production?
  • The Norwegian Experiment: Fish farming is projected to generate more revenue than oil by 2050.
  • Sea Change: How to successfully launch inland fishing in the heart of the American Midwest.
  • The Scandal of Thailand’s Seafood Supply Chain: What lessons can be learned? How can we solve this supply chain problem?
  • Pacific Rim: Contrasting the Ecuadorian and Vietnamese experiences with shrimp.
  • Sale on the Seven Seas: A supermarket’s perspective on branding fish.
  • The Ecuador Case Study: How shrimp has surpassed bananas as Ecuador’s number one export.
  • The Big Blue Ocean: Looking at open ocean aquaculture techniques. What is feasible? What are the challenges?

This aqua symposium is part of Alltech REBELation Week of innovation, inspiration and world-changing ideas in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, from May 16-20. Aqua: Protein of the Future sessions begin on May 18, but pre-conference events include an opportunity to savour the best in brews from across the Bluegrass and around the world at the second annual Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest on Saturday, May 16.

Registration for Alltech REBELation Week is open now for a discounted rate until midnight March 7. One-day access passes are available, as are special partner rates. Delegates who are members of ARPAS and AAVSB can also earn CEUs.

For more information, or to request an invitation, contact a local Alltech representative, visit or email Join the conversation on Twitter with #REBELation.     

Visit the website HERE.

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