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27/02/2015: Fish and more at 
EuroTier 2014

First published in International Aquafeed, January - February 2015 

Fish, mussels and algae were not only the subject of discussion – they could be seen and almost touched at the Marketplace for Aquaculture in Hall 17 at the Hanover Fairgrounds, Germany.

From 11 to 14 November 2014, altogether 2500 exhibitors gathered at the leading international trade fair for animal husbandry and management covering an exhibition floor space of 240 000 m² to present new and established exhibits to 156 000 visitors. Hall 17 everything revolved around life and growth in water. A DLG showcase “Growth in Water” was set up for the first time. As a blue planet, the earth is largely covered with water and this should be reason enough to demonstrate the potential of the organisms that grow in water.

Mussels, shrimps and crustaceans were on show, as were African catfish (Clarias ssp), cichlids (Tilapia) and all kinds of freshwater fish. The sturgeon which was ‘Fish of the year 2014’ in Germany naturally also played a role. Nine companies joined DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) in arranging the showcase and attracted large numbers of visitors.

The fish were constantly surrounded, as was the green shimmering photo-bioreactor for producing microalgae. Biomass in combination with water cleaning, known as aquaponics, also drew crowds, and the plant-based purifying systems for water cleaning were also new topics in the Marketplace and at EuroTier.
The Marketplace for Aquaculture remained true to its concept again this year too, showing innovations presented by exhibitors, but also providing professional information in the Forum Aquaculture and impartial advice at the Aquaculture Advisory Centre. Leading outfitters for fish keeping and feed suppliers were represented, as well as specialists in wastewater treatment and net production.

Above all national and international fish farm providers for closed freshwater and saltwater systems came to Hanover – from Germany, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and this year also from the People’s Republic of China, the pioneers in aquaculture. Altogether the marketplace in Hall 17 played host to 40 aquaculture exhibitors.

There was a full house at Forum Aquaculture 2014 when it was opened by Dr Birgit Schmidt-Puckhaber, DLG Project Manager for Aquaculture and the Lower Saxony Fisheries Director, Dr Olaf Prawitt, who welcomed the audience. The interest in topical, practice-driven and controversial facts and trends in fish keeping and water treatment was very high. New aquaculture candidates and production sequences were introduced and reports on practical experience gained with new farming systems were presented.
At the twelve sessions fifty national and international speakers had their say and joined in discussions with the audience. The first day was devoted to Aquaculture & Cost Efficiency, Rearing and Innovations. The sessions on Aquaculture & Growth in Water, Feed, and New Ways for Practice followed on Wednesday, 12 November. Aquaculture & Law, Sturgeon – Fish of the Year 2014, and Market and International Developments were the subject of discussions on Thursday, 13 November.

On Friday, 14 November, the  Forum addressed Technology & Systems and Aquaculture & Products, as well as the changeover of organic operations. The summaries of the entire Forum are being combined in written form and can be ordered as a pdf file by email.

No Forum without a stand party remained the maxim this year too. Both exhibitors and visitors celebrated in high spirits, enjoying delicious fish dishes, beer and wine following a long exhibition day. The Fish Party was opened by Dr Bernhardt Feneis - the President of the Association of German Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture (VdBA). He is also Vice President of FEAP, the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers.
A meeting between international fish breeders and fish traders was organised for the first time in 2012 and at the special request of the participants this was repeated in 2014 (2nd International Fish Discussion). They had lots to say to each other and the international ‘Fishtalk’ lived up to its name, helping many producers to find new customers.

For instance there were lively discussions between Turkish and Danish trout producers about prices and import duties. Traders debated the sense and nonsense of certificates, from Biolabel to Global Gap. Eric Bink, Chairman of the new Dutch Aquaculture Experts association, opened the International Fish Discussion.

The established maxim of the Fish Talk was a brief opening address, lots of discussions, getting to know each other quickly and building up fruitful contacts in a relaxed setting with food and drink – a kind of 'fisheries speed dating'.

Aquaculture at EuroTier is a get-together for the industry that is increasingly attracting international interest. Although the aquaculture sector will not fill halls at the leading trade fair for animal husbandry and management, ‘Growth in Water’ makes EuroTier a whole lot more colourful and interesting.

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