Friday, February 6, 2015

06/02/2015: Sir Bob Geldof: Responsible aquaculture important in feeding the world

The complex challenge of feeding the world's growing population can only be properly addressed when all stakeholders - commercial operations, governments and NGOs - find genuinely fair and practical ways of working together, Sir Bob Geldof told delegates at AquaVision 2014.

In his keynote address, the rock star turned poverty and environmental campaigner said he believes that aquaculture can play its part by bridging the gap between sustainable fisheries and the global demand for seafood but that the industry can only hope to achieve this when systems are responsibly implemented and managed.

"We need to get to the point whereby aquaculture is not only a viable business but also a viable methodology for keeping so many of us alive," said Sir Bob.
Stating that 20 percent of the world's population uses 80 percent of the earth's resources, he urged the aquaculture industry to strike the right balance between consumer and business demands together with the broader social and environmental needs of the planet.

"When you do this, and you will, you will have helped deal with the signature issue of our time, which is inequality and disequilibrium. That is worth fighting for and it is worth getting right. All of this is achievable; we just need the will, commitment and absolute understanding that we will implement that change," he said.

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