Monday, February 2, 2015

02/02/2015: Proposed New York, US, rule would require raw fish to be frozen

In an attempt to reduce the risk of parasites, the city's health department has proposed a rule that would require restaurants to keep raw fish frozen until it's served, Gothamist reports.

The new regulation would apply to fish intended to be served raw or raw marinated (think ceviche), though farm-raised fish and wild-caught tuna would be exempt.

Chris Hickey, NYC regional director of the New York State Restaurant Association, said the new rule would force restaurants to invest in pricey freezer equipment, in addition to hampering business at highly-regarded restaurants.

"This affects the high-end restaurants like Marea and Le Bernardin that specialize in seafood, and the sushi restaurants like Nobu," he said.

The frozen fish policy was just one bit of red tape proposed by the agency during a hearing yesterday: Others on the table include requiring restaurants to undergo DOH inspections prior to opening, mandating that juice companies post warning labels on homemade packaged juices alerting consumers to potential pathogens, and requiring that restaurants use ammonium to sanitize utensils.

A spokesperson said the proposals were in response to new federal regulations.

The Department of Health did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Read the article HERE.

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