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08/06/2015: Vision for packaging in seafood industry

From the time we harvest right through the supply chain to the time we deliver the harvest to the end users we are using many thousand tonnes of plastic, Styrofoam and other packaging which is damaging our oceans, our own ‘backyard’. Since such packaging was invented we have accepted it and it has become entrenched in our businesses.
It is time to challenge such uses and to find solutions to these packaging aids. The Association of International Seafood Professionals (AISP) has been seeking to work with others who share our concerns and have recently had meaningful discussions with Shiva Balivada, Father of Nanotechnology Applications in India and Co-Founder of Polar Bear International.
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“It is estimated three point five million pieces of new plastic enter the world’s oceans daily. Global currents accumulate them into huge circulating ocean gyres causing countless damage to marine life along the way. It is a global issue and as a global group AISP are very supportive of the work of Polar Bear International and will seek to assist in all areas of information, education and communication of this great initiative,” said AISP Executive Director, Roy Palmer on the eve of World Ocean’s Day.

Shiva is well known through Senior Leadership Roles and as a Technology evangelist. He has worked with many world-class organizations which include Home Depot, Johnson & Johnson, Delta, XEROX, FedEx, Compaq, AutoZone and Bank One. He has been a part of the initial team of successful Indian Software companies like Tata Technologies, HTMT and MphasiS BFL wherein he has played a significant role in nurturing them at their nascent stage. Mr Balivada turned an entrepreneur in 2007 with a focus on Nanotechnology, Telecom and IT. He has many successes like India’s First Online System, First Software India Team in to Comdex in 1987 heralding the Great Software outsourcing revolution, First CASE tool for Software developers, First WiFi phone, First WiMAX Base station and Nanotechnology Applications.

As the United Nations state, "The Ocean is the heart of our planet. Like your heart pumping blood to every part of your body, the ocean connects people across the Earth, no matter where we live. The ocean regulates the climate, feeds millions of people every year, produces oxygen, is the home to an incredible array of wildlife, provides us with important medicines, and so much more! In order to ensure the health and safety of our communities and future generations, it’s imperative that we take the responsibility to care for the ocean as it cares for us."

Shiva has long recognized how we can change poor habits through innovation and technology and turn pollution activities into positive solutions for the oceans and increase sanitation, water and food opportunities.

AISP aim to work with Polar Bear International and our partner charity, Aquaculture without Frontiers, to create specific projects which will maximise these concepts and be seen as a catalyst for change in packaging right through the global seafood industry and assist the poor and hungry improve their health, nutrition and food security.

NOTE: International Plastic Bag Free Day is July 3

Visit the AISP site HERE.

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