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11/06/2015: High yield tilapia coming to the fillet market

GenoMar, the world’s premier tilapia breeding company today announces a partnership with Xelect Ltd., a global leader in marker assisted selection to bring higher yielding tilapia to the market.

This worldwide and exclusive partnership confirms the commitment of Genomar to continuously develop the GenoMar Supreme Tilapia ™ (GST) strain to supply tilapia markets with highly differentiated products.  By licensing Xelect’s unique intellectual property Genomar will be able to further improve the fillet yield of broodstock and fry supplied to producers serving the fast growing fillet market.

Today around 700,000 tonnes of live tilapia is processed into fillets mostly for the North American and European markets, accounting for 15 percent of global tilapia production.  The market for value added tilapia products is expected to increase substantially in the future.  GenoMar’s line of Xelect High Yield tilapia will provide producers with an anticipated 3.1 percent additional fillet per tonne body mass over the already market leading yield of the regular GenoMar Supreme Tilapia™ (GST) strain. 
The additional value of fillet production derived from each individual parent breeder is estimated at 97 kg worth some US$776 at current prices.  GenoMar is conducting extensive field trials of the high yield line at its Philippines facilities with the aim of delivering the first fully tested product on the market later next year.

Dr Alejandro Tola, CTO at GenoMar commented “We are always searching for innovations that can create value for our customers of genetic material.  There is a lot of pressure for efficiency in the tilapia industry and we immediately saw a great potential to improve profitability through the application of Xelect’s proprietary markers for fillet yield.”

Prof Ian Johnston FRSE, CEO Xelect commented, “the Xelect High Yield markers are the fruition of several decades of academic work on the genetic basis of muscle development and growth in fish.  We have developed genetic assays to identify fish with natural variations in gene sequences leading to a higher meat yield”

Dr Tom Ashton, Executive Director Xelect commented, “Xelect is pleased to partner with Genomar, the leading tilapia breeding company, to bring our high yield technology to the market. The Tilapia high yield markers supplement those already licenced to SalmoBreed and under trial licence to Landcatch Natural Selection and Marine Harvest, for Atlantic salmon.”

About GenoMar Genetics
GenoMar was founded in 1996 in Oslo, Norway and its primary activity is the development and commercialisation of tilapia genetic products under the brand Genomar Supreme Tilapia (GST). Genomar has been actively supporting the development of the global tilapia industry for the past 15 years, and their genetics enjoy a reputation for delivering performance, quality and ultimately profitability.

In addition, GenoMar provides breeding services to other aquaculture species and operates grow-out and processing facilities in Malaysia and Philippines which play an important role in the documentation of performance of their genetic products and in the development of downstream farming know-how which is shared with our customers of genetics in the form of technical services.

Visit the Genomar website HERE

About Xelect Ltd

Xelect Ltd, founded in 2012, is a spin-out company from the University of St Andrews in Scotland.  Follow-on funding from the Biotechnological & Biological Research Council of the UK enabled the commercialisation of decades of academic research. Their core business is the development of genetic markers for broodstock selection. 

Xelect has a strong pipeline of markers in development for other whole range of traits and species including tilapia, Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, coho salmon and barramundi. In addition, the company also offers a comprehensive genotyping service including relatedness analysis, sex determination, stock tracing and disease identification.
Visit the Xelect website HERE.

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