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09/06/2015: Vacancies at Seafish: Science Advisory Group – Members & Chair

Seafish is a Non-Departmental-Government-Body funded by an industry levy. Our vision is to be the authority on seafood and we are working with one mission in mind - to support a profitable, sustainable and socially responsible future for the seafood industry.

"Informing Decisions" is one of our high-level objectives. We aim to be the authority on seafood, providing reliable information to industry, consumers, media and regulators. We pride ourselves on the quality of our data, and will ensure stakeholders have access to all the information they require.

To support this we are currently recruiting for members and the post of Chair of a new Science Advisory Group (SAG).
The role of a SAG member is to: 

  • Ensure Seafish receives the highest quality, timely, advice;
  • Examine and challenge if necessary the assumptions on which scientific advice is formulated and ask for explanations of any scientific terms and concepts which are not clear; 
  • Ensure that the committee has the opportunity to consider contrary scientific views and where appropriate the concerns and values of stakeholders before a decision is taken;
Unless specifically stated otherwise, SAG members will be appointed as individuals, not as representatives of their particular profession, employer or interest group, and have a duty to act in the public interest. Members are appointed on a personal basis, even when they may be members of stakeholder groups.
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The role of SAG Chair goes further than simply chairing meetings. It is the key to achieving committee effectiveness.  The SAG Chair will have responsibility for:

  • the operation and output of the committee, including assessing the workload and ensuring that the volume of work does not compromise the rigour of discussion; 
  • ensuring that the full range of scientific opinion, including unorthodox and contrary scientific views are appropriately taken into account; 
  • ensuring that any significant diversity of opinion among the members of the committee is fully explored and discussed and if it cannot be reconciled is accurately reflected in the report; 
  • ensuring that every member of the committee has the opportunity to be heard and that no view is ignored or overlooked; 
Each role has a three year tenure and amounts to around 12 days per annum, for which a fee (£250 a day for members and £400 a day for Chair) is offered, as well as travel and subsistence reimbursements.

Seafish are seeking SAG appointees with expertise in one or more of the following areas: 

  • Ecosystem modelling
  • Genetics
  • Fisheries Science
  • Tropical Prawn Aquaculture 
  • Trophic Webs 
  • Animal Welfare 
  • Product Integrity/microbiology 
  • Climate Change Impacts
If you are interested in taking this opportunity to play an influential role in the Seafood industry, please email your application to:

Dr Tom Pickerell
Seafish Technical Director

Closing date for applications: Friday July 17th 2015

Visit the Seafish website HERE.

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