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23/06/2015: The Aquafeed Interview with Sylvain Provenzano

First published in International Aquafeed, May-June 2015

Leveraging its core expertise in twin-screw technology, Clextral provides its customers with turnkey processing lines that integrate extruders, dryers and ancillary equipment. Its reliable and innovative systems serve three key markets: food and feed, green industries and powder industries. Its global offering includes upstream design and testing of industrial solutions, equipment manufacturing, on-site installation and full maintenance and continuous process improvement services. Based in Firminy (France), Clextral is present in all five continents, providing local support to its customers in 88 countries. Here, Sylvain Provenzano, Area Manager, gives an overview of recent developments and why Clextral are a unique company. 

Clextral is a diverse and international company. Can you give our readers a good background of Clextral’s heritage in aqua and land-based animal feed processing, as well as the cereal based food production industries?

Since the early 70s, we have provided the food and feed industries with equipment and complete systems to make the wide range of products consumers want. Clextral and its industrial integration partners have installed over 100 fish feed manufacturing plants around the world including machines producing over 30 tons of pellets per hour. We also work closely with research institutes in several countries to develop technology and recipes for aquaculture. Our scope of supply also covers a wide range of extruded food products mainly in the field of the second transformation of cereals: snacks, breakfast cereals, flat bread.  

What does South Africa and this region of the world mean in Clextral’s development and growth internationally?

South Africa is the first country in Africa where Clextral has developed its presence. For more than 30 years, twin-screw extrusion systems have been producing breakfast cereals, snacks and other ingredients for the food market. Regarding Aquaculture, there is an average figure of six percent production growth per year throughout the world, and South Africa is considered as a high potential country. 

In order to enforce Clextral's development, we have been developing for more than three years a strong relationship with a South African partner, TECOM company who is well known in the country for agro-food business. A local presence, support and feedback are essential for the success of our development here.  

What is your team’s area of focus for the different regions of Africa?

Each region of Africa has its own specificity. As an example, Clextral mainly provides couscous and pasta lines in Northern Africa (Maghreb), but Snacks and breakfast cereal markets are now becoming worldwide markets and we receive requests form many growing African countries. Aquaculture is growing a lot also, and Clextral are wishing to be part of new projects in Africa.

What makes Clextral different and unique to the international competition?

Clextral's know-how and knowledge of over 50 years is probably the most valuable offer and service. This includes: process knowledge, metallurgical and welding expertise and 40 years of partnership with major fish feed suppliers and research organisations.

How do Clextral listen to customers’ needs and offer after-sales solutions? What other services such as training, spare parts and support are on offer for an industry that runs 24/7 around the world?
Clextral is always in contact with its customers because due to the large range of products that can be done by extrusion, there are always possibilities for the customers to diversify. 

Clextral's process department can help customers to adapt the equipment in order to make new products. The Pilot plant offers the possibility to develop new products that are tailor made for the customer.

Also, Clextral offers after sales services in terms of technical support, spare part offers and upgrading equipments. A technical team is present to give a rapid response through remote control assistance via internet protocols. An important technical team is ready to make service visits throughout the world and also via our subsidiaries present in more than 10 countries.

What does your innovation and Research and Development provide for your customers and end users?
Our R&D department is constantly working on innovations in order to provide new applications with extrusion. Also, our technologies are always being developed to provide energy cost savings, better quality products, and lower carbon footprints. Process engineers are available to share Clextral know how for the benefit of customers.

Describe the biggest challenges, Clextral’s ambitions and goals for 2015 in aquafeed and other animal feed sectors.
Our goals and ambitions are to let a global industry take advantage of our innovation and ability. We wish to further share our knowledge, reduce time between developments and being brought to the market, optimise production costs and continue to be at the forefront of our industry. 

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