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02/09/2015: Famsun's upgraded SJPS215B Single Screw Aquatic Extruder goes into operation

by Mi Changyu

With the concerted collaboration of FAMSUN and a customer in Wuhan, China, the brand new SJPS215B 315kW single screw aquatic extruder has been put into operation.

The extruder is mainly employed to produce sinking crab feed and floating fish feed for the four major Chinese carp species. The SMTZ50C Density Control System is also used to ensure high quality. See Figure 1.
Figure 1: The SJPS215B Extruder
Table 1
With the help of the density control system, the production of sinking extruded crab feed was smooth with the degree of vacuum being surpassing -0.05MPa (Figure 2). With the degree of vacuum being controlled by the valve, the volume weight of the crab feed can reach beyond 730g/L.
Figure 2: The working degree of vacuum
The production parameters for compound crab feed: pore size of the template 2.7mm; number of holes 579; cutters 8 (thickness 0.3mm). See picture 3: feeder23Hz; temperature of the conditioner 85~90 degrees Celsius; frequency of the main motor 37 Hz; load current 390~400A; load factor; cutter frequency around 40 Hz; screw pump frequency 8 Hz; vacuum pump frequency 40 Hz; degree of vacuum -0.05 MPa; volume weight of the finished product after drying 680g/L; sink-rate 100 percent; water solubility >2h.

Figure 3: The production control of crab feed
Figure 4: Finished pellets of the crab feed
 the SMTZ50C density control system and the variable frequency of the main motor of the extruder, the output of the extruded sinking crab feed reached 8.5t/h and the output went beyond 9t/h in normal production, twice as much as the yield of a single-screw extruder with regular configuration. In the meantime, the calibration for the production of low-starch grass carp floating feed (starch content approximately 10 percent) was done successfully to the customer's satisfaction.

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