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03/09/2015: New laboratory and fish research facilities opens in Vietnam

First published in International Aquafeed, July-August 2015

South East Asia and Vietnam in particular has received a boost to its aquaculture development with the opening of a refurbished and revitalized fish-research facility at Nong Lam University, in the Thu Duc District of Saigon. Called the Biomin Aquaculture Centre for Applied Nutrition (ACAN) the centre will share the laboratories on site with two other companies.

The Erber Group, which is the holding company for Biomin, Sanphar and Romer Labs, has acquired and refurbished the facilities that were previously operated in partnership with the university by Novus until 2014.

Joining three companies interests together has meant the facility will play a vital role in not only aquaculture in Vietnam, but for aquaculture research throughout the whole region as well as for land-based livestock production.

The aquatic facilities, which will carry out more than 14 trials, specific to the Asia region, over the next 12 months, has four fully equipped laboratories as well as a major recirculation system with an extensive water quality control capability.
Biomin’s ACAN centre was opened on June 29, 2015 following a half-day seminar in the city followed by a traditional fanfare and celebration at the centre itself.

Located on the campus of Nong Lam University, in the Thu Duc District on the outskirts of the city, the centre offers full laboratory services plus up to five independent reticulation tank systems for trail work on a variety of fish and shrimp species.

The laboratories at the centre are equipped to carr yout DNA and RNA extraction along with full PCR evaluations in addition to normal feed and food testing. The centre even has an extruder for preparing short-run rations.

The centre is to be jointly operated by Biomin and Sanphar – as its Animal Health Research Centre – and Romer Labs; all companies within the Erber Group.

Working closely with Nong Lam University, the three companies have shown their clear intention to support Vietnam’s agriculture and aquaculture development.

Opening day seminar

On the day of the opening, each of the participating companies hosted a half-day seminar at Hotel Caravelle in downtown Saigon to explain the role the new laboratory and test centre will play for both Vietnam and the region.

Six speakers in the Biomin session, presented a range of the trial work now being conducted with a highlight being phytogenics; the screening of natural spices and herbs for their biologically active compounds, especially their antioxidant, antiviral and antimicrobial effects.
Oregano and Rosemary perform highest in all three categories out of 10 spices and herbs currently under evaluation. However, besides Oregano oil, for its strong antimicrobial effect and antioxidative efficacy, Anis oil is being used for its appetising and antifungal effect, Citrus oil which enhances palatability and antimicrobial activity, all to be combined within a matrixencapsulation which outperforms other fax/ wax-coated prebiotics, Dr Pedro Encarnacao of Biomin in Singapore told attendees.

Phytogenics can also play a significant role in stabilising extruded feeds. For example, matrix encapsulation of active ingredients maintains a 94 percent residual concentration compared to 82 percent from non-encapsulation extruded feeds.

Other topics presented included: multimycotoxin analsyis; the benefits of using AquaStar for its ability to reshape the microbiota in the grow out stage for Nile tilapia; mycotoxins in aquaculture and bioremediation, the reduction of organic waste from feces, feed and dead algae in ponds and the elimination of toxic substances/gases and bad odour delivered by Goncalo Santos Biomin’s research and development manager for aquaculture based in Europe.

Two final presentations were on Nong Lam University and its work in aquaculture and a review of Romer Labs activities by Yong Wee Liau managing director of Romer Labs Singapore.

Partner companies
Nong Lam University not only collaborates with Biomin, but also collaborates with other private corporations including Alltech, Virbac, Schering Plough, Schweizer Biotech, Nutriway, Novus and Aquativ.
However, the Erber Group has a strong, shared collaboration which augers well for the future. Besides Biomin, Founded in 1992, Sanphar Animal Health was acquired by the Erber Group in July 2007. The development of innovative solutions allows Sanphar to offer the veterinary market products and services that meet individual needs for better results in animal husbandry and animal welfare.

Romer Labs was founded in 1982 in the USA and acquired by Erber AG of Austria in 1999 and then established three business units in the USA, Austria and Singapore in 2002 before opening a sales office in Brazil in 2007, a Chinese sales office in 2009 and a UK office in 2010. It offers all the test and analytical equipment for food allergens, mycotoxins and food pathogens.                                            

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