Thursday, October 8, 2015

08/10/2015: Fish farmers object to planned pipeline
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The Hill-Run Fish Farmers and Agriculture Association in St Catherine, Jamaica is objecting to a proposed pipeline system being put forward by the National Irrigation Commission Limited (NIC), the Jamaica Observer reports.

The farmers are opposing the pipeline due to the high cost they would incur if they utilise the system. The association members are also opposing the system on the grounds that the pipeline would see water being pumped downhill; that it would be time-consuming to utilise; and the cost of purchasing the water through the system would destroy the fish-farming businesses.

Based on the proposed cost of Jm$45 (about US$0.40) to pump a cubic metre of water through the system, farmers would pay on average Jm$400,000 (about US$3360) each to fill a one-acre pond.

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