Wednesday, October 21, 2015

21/10/2015: Well-balanced multi-stakeholders’ participation
by Johan den Hartog, Managing Director, GMP+ International
First published in International Aquafeed, September-October 2015

Well-balanced multi-stakeholders’ participation is a key principle for GMP+ International’s operations in the market. It is an important strategy to involve and commit the stakeholders in the whole feed chain as well as following links in animal production, like livestock and aqua farming, dairy, meat and egg processing industry. GMP+ International’s partners are allowed to nominate candidates for its expert committees in charge of defining the content of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme.

When you search on Google with the phrase ‘well-balanced multi-stakeholders participation’, it results in a limited number of hits, all related to GMP+ International. The principle of ‘multi-stakeholders participation’ as such, results in more hits and is a better-known principle applied in the public sector.

It is a conceptual model for participatory decision-making. It is based on the view that stakeholders, experts, and citizens could contribute to developing a wished outcome based on their particular expertise and experience as well as interests. The concept of this participation model is oriented toward a multi-actor, multi-value, and multi-interest situation.

Read the full article in International Aquafeed HERE.

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