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26/10/2015: INVE Aquaculture gathers over 1 billion fry in Crete

On October 14 & 15, INVE Aquaculture held the 2015 edition of its European Customer Seminar. The goal of the seminar was to gather the top marine fish hatcheries in one significant place, and it seems they were able to do just that. With close to 100 participants representing 54 top hatcheries from Norway over France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, all the way to the United Arab Emirates, INVE Aquaculture managed to gather a total fry production of 1.05 billion fry in the theatre of the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research (HCMR) in Crete, Greece. This venue was chosen because of the two organisations’ recent research partnership that is currently being conducted at the facilities. It gave INVE Aquaculture the possibility to explain the goal but also the purpose of its new Total Quality approach – which is aimed at showing all stakeholders the importance of quality across the board.

After Alessandro Moretti, Product Manager Fish Hatcheries, started off by giving an overview of the general marine fish market in Europe, the stage was set for the guest speakers. Notable speakers included Dr Nikos Papandroulakis and Dr Mylonas Constantinos – both highly ranked researchers at HCMR who respectively talked about their latest findings in hatchery technologies and broodstock management. Also speaking was Dr Katerina Moutou who is associated professor and spoke about nutritional needs as well as about innovative tools for improving larval quality – eg by focusing on digestibility.
Prof Dr George Koumoundouros concluded the first day by touching on a very specific for the audience: the importance of juvenile quality in Mediterranean hatcheries. A new vision on fish development came from Prof Dr Dominique Adriaens. Adriaens, a biology professor at Ghent University (BE), theorised on the possible influences of biology on aquaculture and the importance of evaluating other parameters when it comes to fry quality – something that had never been done before during an aquaculture seminar. Concluding the seminar was John Stefanis (former CEO of Selonda) who, like INVE Aquaculture, is a true pioneer in Mediterranean aquaculture. He emphasised on the importance of growing the industry and working in both a controlled and professional way.

The speakers concluded that fry quality is related to many parameters that should be measurable and manageable in order to improve the performance of the animals in the subsequent stages. All of them were able to get a significant response from the audience, which realised INVE Aquaculture’s second goal of the gathering: to create a platform of interaction amongst the industry leaders.

About INVE Aquaculture:
Stimulating growth in aquaculture has been the goal of INVE Aquaculture ever since its foundation in 1983. Healthy growth of marine and freshwater species, steady growth of local aquaculture businesses and sustainable growth of the industry as a whole. This is why INVE specialise in innovative feed and feed additive products for fish & shrimp hatcheries, farms, feed mills and other aquaculture related businesses. By developing best practices for balanced nutrition, thorough health risk prevention and optimal microbial management throughout the breeding lifecycle, INVE support their clients’ long-term economical and ecological viability with new concepts and technologies that improve their bottom line.

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