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04/05/2016: Evonik to showcase new products and technologies at the 2016 Vitafoods

Evonik will unveil innovative solutions at the Vitafoods trade show in Geneva, Switzerland.

The company is the first to offer glycine in gamma form – a product which does not cake, is easy to store and is free of additives. Evonik will also present a new technology that enables the formulation of nutritional supplements with a longer gastric retention time for increased bioavailability. Both innovative solutions underline Evonik’s commitment to provide customers in this space with differentiated solutions.   

Previously, Evonik manufactured glycine in its alpha form, as is conventional in the industry. However, while this method of production is relatively straightforward, it is difficult to store the resulting glycine for extended periods. Glycine is the smallest and simplest of all amino acids and it can transform into the gamma form relatively quickly and independently, leading to caking. This can make glycine processing extremely difficult and cost-intensive.  

Evonik has patented a process to manufacture glycine in its stable gamma form without adding any ingredients. The product will soon be available to customers in a highly pure form for use in pharmaceutical and food-industry applications.
Glycine is also used in pet foods (Image: pauljoelhancock)
“This innovation will alleviate many of the logistical and manufacturing-related challenges our customers face,” comments Thomas Hermann, Head of the Pharma and Food Ingredients Product Line. 

Formulation experts at Evonik have also developed ‘floating capsules’ – ideal for nutritional supplement ingredients that only achieve maximum effectiveness if retained in the stomach for an extended period. Evonik has combined EUDRAGUARD® control with a gas-generating agent to design capsules that remain buoyant and gradually release the ingredients over a period of up to four hours inside the stomach. This gives the human body more time to absorb the active substances. 

Ludger Eilers, Director of the Food Segment at Evonik Health Care explains, “This system is particularly suited for substances which have a very limited absorption window in the stomach or proximal small intestine.”

One example is anthocyanins, known for their antioxidant properties and health-enhancing characteristics. Research shows that their bioavailability can be increased by higher residence time in the stomach.  

This innovative floating capsule technology – named EUDRATEC™ GRS – can also be used to ensure effective administration of other polyphenols or green tea extracts. Customers can obtain a license to use the solution, which will be presented at Vitafoods during a poster session.  

Vitafoods attendees can visit the Evonik booth (L78) to find out more about these innovations as well as the REXIVA® range of amino acids and the EUDRAGUARD® family of functional polymers designed for use in nutritional supplements. 

Evonik will also be showcasing a berry extract derived from wild Scandinavian blueberries and blackcurrants grown in New Zealand. This product has particularly high, stable anthocyanin content. The extract will be sold via the MEDOX® brand in Scandinavia, and is marketed as Healthberry™ 865 for functional food and drink applications.  

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