Wednesday, May 18, 2016

18/05/2016: New Roto-Disc II spherical valve has outlet flange common to valve size
Roto-Disc, Inc, now offers a spherical valve for applications where the valve outlet has to mate to a downstream flange that matches the valve’s inlet orifice.  
When provided with an optional Inlet Flange Adaptor, the Roto-Disc II can mate to common ANSI 150# Flanges on both the inlet and discharge side, eliminating the need for flange and piping transitions while maintaining a full-orifice valve solution. Typical applications include hopper fill & discharge, blender discharge, loss-in-weight feeder re-fill, bulk-bag unloading and other gravity or low-pressure applications. 
Like the Roto-Disc, the Roto-Disc II slices through material build-up and wipes itself clean with each cycle. The sealing surfaces are not exposed to the flow of material and there are no hidden places inside for material to build-up. The valve maintains all other essential features of the original Roto-Disc spherical valve and all spare parts are interchangeable with equivalent sized Roto-Disc valves.
The Roto-Disc II can be supplied in Airlock/Double-Dump assemblies for processing material into and out of differential pressure environments. Roto-Disc also offers a full line of splitter/convergers and piping and flange process transitions. 
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