Monday, May 16, 2016

16/05/2016: Improving survival rates in shrimp
by Eric De Muyler, Crevetec

First published in International Aquafeed, March-April 2016

The quality and digestibility of proteins is one of the most important issues in shrimp nutrition. Marine proteins (mainly fish meal) can only be partially replaced by standard vegetable proteins like soybean meal.

Vegetable proteins show lower digestibility of proteins and phosphorus compared to fishmeal and diets with high soybean meal inclusion are less attractive and palatable for shrimp.

Hamlet Protein produces high quality protein concentrates based on soy and other sources, designed for feed palatability, digestibility and health in order to deliver optimal production performance. However, Hamlet also produces Soybean protein concentrates and blends with other protein sources such as hydrolysates.

Two experiments were conducted to illustrate the effects of soy protein in the diet of shrimp over a period of six weeks. In the first experiment, different soy-based protein concentrates were screened and compared in an attractability and palatability trial followed by a growth trial. Inclusion of ten percent these HP protein concentrates, replacing fishmeal resulted in a slightly slower growth, but higher survival.

In the second experiment, a dose-response trial with an optimized HP product, at lower inclusion rates (three, six and nine percent) was executed. The idea of reducing the content of fish meal in shrimp diets is relevant because of the volatility of its price which in recent years reached prohibitive levels. 

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