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13/05/2016: Nutriad shrimp seminar in Honduras

Nutriad, together with its distributor Disatyr, hosted a seminar for shrimp farmers in Honduras on April 21, 2016. The seminar was attended by professionals from more than 30 shrimp farmers and addressed effects of external and internal factors on shrimp culture.
Dr Jose Luis Laparra
At the event, Dr Jose Luis Laparra (Director of Nutriad Mexico) presented 'Mycotoxins, a hidden threat in aquafeeds' and Gilberto Hernandez
(Nutriad Aquaculture Manager North and Central America) talked about 'Gut health improvement, key tool in shrimp production.'

Dr Laparra stated: “It is important for aquaculture producers to better understand risks associated with mycotoxins and how it can be managed.  We notice that recently aquafeeds contain increasing levels of vegetable ingredients that may contain mycotoxins capable of triggering diseases in aquatic animals.”

Negative effects on shrimp metabolism and immune response, and the consequences in the main production parameters like survival and growth, were discussed. Attendants showed great interest in learning about strategies to neutralize the mycotoxins in aquafeeds that could help to restore hepatic cells and function.
Mr Hernandez focused on the actual disease problems that shrimp producers face around the world, including the new bacterial disease Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND) caused by specific strains of Vibrio parahaemolyticus. AHPND has disrupted production in Mexico and most Asian countries since 2012.
Gilberto Hernandez
“Particularly in the case of bacterial diseases, it is important to implement prevention strategies with approaches to improve the gut health of the shrimp using natural solutions,” Mr Hernandez said.

“Natural products with antimicrobial and quorum sensing mechanisms, can combat Vibriosis and co-infections by opportunistic bacteria. This will reduce the impact of diseases on productivity and yield.  Proper gut health management is key to disease prevention in shrimp culture.”

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