Wednesday, August 3, 2016

03/08/2016: Hard to swallow? Florida tackles an invasion of lions

You know that thing some people do when their fish outgrows its tank? Or when they're simply bored with it? You know - dumping it in some body of water somewhere? Yeah - don't do that. Ever.
According to CNBC's Berkeley Lovelace Jr, right now Florida has an invasion of lionfish.
Lionfish do not belong in Florida. But clearly, someone - or more likely, some people - thought otherwise, and simply released these creatures into the wild. Result? Currently, they are eating just about everything small enough to go in their mouths, while anything bigger that tries to do the same to them gets an unexpected facial botox from one of their many venomous spines.
"Well, they're here now," you may say. "How do we deal with them?"
Eat them.
At least, that's the opinion of one fisherwoman, and it seems at least one large supermarket chain in the US agrees with her.
Image: Florida Fish and Wildlife

Crazy? Maybe not. Read all about it, and watch the video, on the CNBC site HERE. 

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