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22/08/2016: Fish output drops by 7,631 tonnes in 2015-16, Goa, India

Recent reports from India, statistics have revealed that there has been an increase in the catch of most species of fish in Goa, however, the overall production has dropped in 2015-16.

In an article that was written recently by Nida Sayed on, the latest data released by the Department of Fisheries reveals that catch of sardines, velli, cuttle fish, shark fish and catfish have hit lows compared to that of the previous year. Noticeably, the total marine fish production volume was 107,069 tonnes in 2015-16 compared to 114,700 tonnes in 2014-15. 

Though the catch has decreased by 7,631 tonnes, the department opened that this year's catch is still significant. "It's not an alarming situation. Out of one lake, only a few thousand tonnes of fish are less," director of fisheries, Shamila Monteiro told TOI.

Goa, India: Greg Younger
Traditional fishermen of the state however have attributed the reason for the same to the unhealthy fishing methods by way of LED fishing, a practice that was banned in the state in May. 

"When the LED fishing vessels were operating, a lot of marine wealth from Goa's coastline suffered. Now that this practice has been banned, the fish should hopefully breed well," they say.

Figures further reveal that the highest drop was in sardine production. In 2015-16, a total of 52,901 tonnes of the fish variety was caught as against 68,593 tonnes in 2014-15.

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