Friday, August 26, 2016

26/08/2016: Nutriad sponsors TARS 2016 “Bring the shrimp industry to a new normal”

Nutriad once again sponsored The Roundtable Aquaculture Series (TARS), which was held during August 17-18 in Phuket, Thailand

Image: Natalle Mayno

TARS 2016 attracted key players in the shrimp industry involved in the production of breeders, aquafeed and post-larvae; farm owners and major suppliers in the region focusing preventing and controlling future disease outbreaks in shrimp aquaculture in Asia.
TARS is a recognised platform for aquaculture professionals in Asia-Pacific to exchange insights and experiences. 

The objective of this year’s event was to bring the industry to a “New Normal” following the devastating impact of the hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND - initially called Early Mortality Syndrome: EMS) on shrimp production in China, Thailand and Malaysia.

Shrimp farming in Thailand alone has cumulated losses in excess of US$5 Billion since the AHPND outbreak in 2013 and saw 100,000 jobs get lost as a result, according to speaker Andy Shinn of Fish Vet Group. Commented Allen Wu, APAC Manager Aquaculture with Nutriad: 

Dr. Maria Mercè Isern Subich
“The industry aims to achieve its objective of getting to a new normal through better health management and improved control of the variables in shrimp farming; build on up-scaled industrialisation and develop technical, operational and production efficiency from breeding to grow out.
Our additives range provides support to the industry in overcoming some of their key challenges related to nutrition and health.” Dr. Maria Mercè Isern Subich, Nutriad’s Business Development Manager Aquaculture Health presented a well-received talk on “Health Management for Profitable and Safe AquacultureProduction”, in which she contrasted the European approach and legislation in fish production with the current practices and challenges in the Asia-Pacific shrimp farming sector.


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