Wednesday, August 31, 2016

31/08/2016: Cardinal Tetra sourced from deep in the Amazon

Barcelos is a tiny city located deep within Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. For the past 50 years Barcelos has been a key contributor in the unique trade of colourful tropical fish, harvesting millions per for home aquariums around the world.

Cardinal Tetra: carolineCCB
In an article written by Mike Tuccinardi which was recentlypublished on Atlas Obscura, the story was told of a small city which supplies tropical fish to the world.

The city which can only be reached by boat or flights from Manaus suffered when competition in the rubber industry grew due to increased plantations in Asia. However in 1956 the brightly coloured fish, Cardinal Tetra or Paracheirodon axelrodi was discovered and as a result Bercelos has been a hub for the valuable commodity since.

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