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16/08/2016: Fighting SRS - Pincoy project in Chile

Cermaq has offered fresh water and farming sites to promote further development of Pincoy.

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Through their own research they have identified field isolates which are being used for the development of a new vaccine, working on determine reservoirs, survival of the bacteria in sea water, screening broodfish and testing several vaccination strategies as well as QTL for SRS.

They are currently running test with the new Pharmaq live vaccine and will start in Q3 a benchmark trial at the Research and Development Centre in Colaco, to test the new custom made vaccine with other SRS vaccines available in Chile. Still, it is too early to tell if these vaccines are successful as the large fish is most at risk of SRS.  

Cermaq also takes part in other initiatives to fight SRS. The Pincoy project is one example of this. The focus is how they can reduce the risk of SRS outbreak at every stage of the production. Sharing experiences and best practice the aim is to determine the risk factors at each stage of the production. 

The overall aim is to reduce the use of antibiotics by 50 percent in two years. In the initiative are involved Skretting, Aquagen, Blue Genomics, Pharmaq, Centrovet, Blumar, Ventisqueros and Cermaq.
Pincoy project aims for a holistic approach to fight SRS and sea lice. 

Therefore is needed to gather all efforts to reduce the risks, involving: genetic improvements, smolt quality, functional feeding, new focus to vaccination, good farming practices, in feed and continues monitoring processes.

Cermaq has offered fresh water and farming sites to promote further development of Pincoy, also we are open to share information develop by our R&D team, such as SRS characterisation, virulence factors and sea water survival of the bacteria, this important knowledge is provided to facilitate the development of the project.
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