Thursday, August 25, 2016

25/08/2016: Remote controlled cleaning rig - FNC8

The Flying Net Cleaner 8 (FNC8) is an easy operated powerful, remote controlled net cleaner. It can be mobile controlled as well as controlled from the control room. The movements are unique, as it “swims” along the net in the cage, and cleaning with high-pressure seawater.

The lack of physical contact between the net cleaner and the net ensures no damages or tears to the net, thus reducing risk of fish escaping. The FNC8 is a patent applied principle, ensuring that the rig is in balance whether it cleans horizontally, vertically or upside down. This quality simplifies choice of suitable cleaning direction for any net type.

Cleaning speed is important for the operator, and FNC8 is able to clean at an incredibly fast and efficient rate – saving both time and reducing costs. Flying Net Cleaner 8 standardly includes ROV components that are easy to clean and disinfect.

It is a user-friendly device with built-in auto functions, sensors surveying the cleaning process, and advanced camera systems. The new Flying Net Cleaner 8 is prepared for collecting rinsed off organisms.

Twice as fast as the current systems
The FNC8 has a cleaning capacity, which is twice as fast as the current systems with minimal spread of dispose (ready for collecting) and surveillance sensors for improved pressure during the cleaning process.

The FNC8 also features thrusters, which are used not only for propulsion but for placing the cleaner close to the net without sharp wheels or belts. The FNC8 also boasts Rugged component and solid and open construction; making it easy to maintain and disinfect.

The FNC8 is controlled by pilot console and joystick, and the control unit (Top Side) are compatible with ROV solutions for net repairing, camera inspection, manipulator and rock drills HD cameras and monitor; with the FNC8 Standardly delivered with two HD cameras and two LED lights as standard, although the FNC8 is capable of accommodating four of each if purchasers wish to upgrade.

Data is graphically presented with overlay with a transponder connection to the “Advanced Control” navigation system; which is easy to operate with auto functions (prepared for autonomy operations).

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