Thursday, August 4, 2016

04/08/2016: Battered cod becoming an endangered species

On pub menus, that is. According to Metro's Tanveer Mann and The Sun's Daniel Jones, one in four restaurants, pubs and hotels have stopped serving fish and chips.
In 2010, the iconic dish was rated the 4th most popular on British menus; in 2016 it's dropped to 8th position. What's occupying its old spot? Salad.
Idyllic traditional scenes like this may soon be a thing of the past (Image: Tim Wang)
Don't get me wrong. I genuinely like salad. Especially with a vinaigrette dressing. Actually, even typing that makes my mouth water (I missed lunch). More importantly, I do not mean to encourage increased consumption of cod - there are ongoing concerns about the stocks of this fish. But a quick look at the list of the top ten dishes for either year I mentioned shows one thing very clearly: Fish appears just once in each. Deep-fried in a thick layer of batter. 
The irony here is just crushing: fish is a far more healthy foodstuff than pretty much any other animal protein. Yet it seems the only way we Brits will eat it is if it's cooked in a way that negates most of its positive health effects.
Worse, if we do then decide to go on a health drive and clean up our diet, instead of changing how we cook our fish, we simply stop eating it, thereby depriving ourselves of its benefits altogether. 
If you're really that keen to be healthy, why not order fish prepared another way? It's great that salad is high on the list. Heck, lets make it number one. But why isn't grilled trout up there at number four? What's wrong with roasted seabass?
Read the Metro article HERE and the Sun article HERE.  

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