Thursday, July 28, 2011

A new hope, eco-clean fish farms for aquaculture

Aquaculture has been growing steadily since the 1970's, the demand for seafood products has also been growing. One of the key issues with aquaculture is the need to have eco farming where fish are raised in an environment that is non polluting and sustainable. According to a report by the UN Fish and Agriculture Organization, aquaculture (artificially grown seafood) provides over 47% of total world supply of seafood.

At the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Professor Jaap Van Rijn has developed the first patented solution to the closed containment system. His patent is the first true step to sustainable and ecologically safe aquaculture, with zero discharge closed recirculation system that does not depend on location and is 100 percent non polluting. Read more ...

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  1. Both farms show promising results fish quality and cessation of water pollution but they are still very new and have place for improvement. Check out more detail on Aquaculture