Monday, July 11, 2011

A Review: Fish Processing – Sustainability and New Opportunities

In the 21st Century the international seafood industry faces many challenges, one of the most important challenges is that of sustainability.

In 2010 George M Hall edited this book Fish, Processing, Sustainability, Opportunities with contributions from S Kose, J C Ramirez-Ramirez, K Shirai and K S Williams.

This books looks to address the major challenges facing the global seafood industry by addressing the issues of efficient raw material utilization, energy usage, environmental impact, water usage, packaging and transport among others.

It looks at the latest information on current technologies and introduces new ideas and technologies.

Chapter one acts as an introductory chapter, which sets the tone for the book by presenting the background against which fish processing will exist in the near future. It will also serve as an introduction to later chapters on specific processes and the current state of world fisheries defined by supply and demand.

Chapter two looks at the canning fish and fish products, covering the principles of canning, packaging material, and process operations and the canning of specific species.

Chapter three deals with the preservation by curing (Drying, Salting and Smoking), looking at basic relationships, drying, salting, smoking and post-harvesting in fish smoking along with sustainability.

In later chapters subjects covered are sustainability of fermented fish products, on board fish processing, fishmeal production and sustainability, utilisation of fish processing by-products for bioactive compounds and life cycle assessment of bulk packaging used to transport fresh fish products: Case Study.

This book has brought together a lot of information about the fish processing industry and has presented it in a clear and concise layout that is easy to follow and understand. I believe this book will become a valuable asset to those who work and design new technologies for the global fish processing industry and it will be of great use to new and upcoming scientists in this field as well as students. 

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